Friday, 4 April 2014

Jumping into summer time

ZARA shoes

Two weeks away from London and it looks like I returned to summer, criteria for that being I've not covered my toes once during the past week. Although the focus is on mules everywhere this season, I’m going to focus on this dress combo that I picked up in Dubai, pre-layered pieces are a savior for both lazy and anxious people. This piece is somewhat like a jump-in, but an extremely chic version that is.
But yeah, let's totally talk about mules for the next 6 months or more.


Kamila said...

Sandra, I love everything about this! Need this coat :)

ediot said...

glad du mixar in lite finsk design i denna looken. du ser fantastisk ut.
ha en underbar helg fina du

Su nd Chris said...

Soo beautiful! Love the coat! :)

xx Su

Nora said...

Amazing look!

XX Nora /

Christine de Leon said...


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YZ Chan said...

Great outfit, love the bag and mules. x

Jules said...

Amazing look, and amazing pics!

Jules said...

Amazing look, and amazing pics!

k come karolina said...

this look is fantastic!

xoxo from rome

Kimberly Ann said...

I love this outfit! So chic!


Marta said...

Great outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous! I really like that dress!

ASH said...

You are the blogger with the most amazing hair, love it.

Mira Shpak said...

Great look!
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AVY said...

Yeah, I love your hair too.


VioletDaffodils said...

You look amazing! Such a cool/chic shirt dress :D

VioletDaffodils said...

You look amazing! Such a cool/chic shirt dress :D

Designer Inspired Handbags said...

Great look, love the shoes.

Emily said...

Ah I love this look so much x


Lucy Mason said...

Perfect layering!! Amazing look. Those shoes are just perfect! xx

Mónica López Gutierrez said...

nice look,lovely shoes!
new look on my blog!

Teresa said...

Loving the vest dress and the coat! Very nice look!


Tamia said...

Amazing outfit.

Julie / It's My Passions said...

Great pictures and love your pretty bag! :)

Leesa said...

this dress looks terrific!

Elizabeth Hawn said...

cool outfit!

Lizzy Hadfield said...

I love love loveeee this! Amazing dress and works so well with the mules.

Style-tista said...

Cute shoes! & I have to agree with you, I love pre-layered pieces because of their easiness! Throw them on and your set!

Great outfit! Effortlessly chic!

Stand Out, Above the Crowd

Liz Lauren said...

love this dress

doing a giveaway on my blog!

Mei Fleming said...

Absolutely in love with this dress. It's looks like the kinda piece which will forever be chic. You look so pretty!



I'm Just Me said...

amazing photos!

kiri said...

Ah mules. I just recently did a post on them too.
Love your coat!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous mules! I have the same! Can't wait to wear them!

Dahlia said...

Ihana kokonaisuus, Marimekon takki sopii paremmin kuin hyvin :)

Caroline said...

flawless and sooo chic

It's About L.A said...

Great outfit, that coat is amazing!


I love the VB dress, and would love to get my hands on the Saint Laurent bag too. The Zara shoes have already gone in my closet!!! xx

Jint vdB said...

Great mules!

Dominique Candido said...

amazing loook!

Une petite Bruxelloise said...

Yeahm spring chich big time!!!

john Hartil said...

A lovely outfit

john Hartil said...

Now that is an outfit Loving this stuff

Sarah Iracheni said...

In love with your coat! And those mules are amazing. Beautiful outfit.

Joana Sá said...

Love this coat, is gorgeous

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Joana Sá said...

Love this coat, is gorgeous

Kiss kiss.*Jo

claudia villanueva said...

So chic! Love the mules!

Nadya Dominguez said...


Em said...


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Dana Jo said...

Wonderful tastefully chosen peaces! The dress is awesome!!

have a wonderful weekend

Laura lexo said...

Awesome! You look beautiful


Soul Fishing said...

I love your bag! It's so elegant!

rajib saudagar said...

very nicerajib

rajib saudagar said...

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Kacie Cone said...

Amazing, I love those shoes!!

Lauren S said...

i love the victoria beckham dress, it's such classic tailoring and fab design
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Lúa Díaz said...

Very elegant! love youy hair.

LaiLa said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the bag and the shoes!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look absolutely stunning as always. Love everything from head to toe! xx

zareen fatima said...

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Mihaela said...

amazing photos!


Hannah Hobson said...

love everything about this! Those shoes are a must need too!
Hannah xo

dana dimitras said...

Those shoes are fabulous :)

Laura OC said...

Looove that dress! :)
perfect combo <3

street art _life style_ fashion and co. said...

Great :D

Lara Tura said...

Love this dress! Very beautiful!


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Martha D said...

Love the shoes!

jas said...

awesome coat! and can't believe those amazing shoes are from zara!

reckless abandon

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Ahh that shirt dress is everything <3

O. R. R.

donna bailey said...

Great black mules! They look elegant and comfy at the same time :)
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Sasa Zoe said...

Love the mule, such a cool outfit<3

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Lisa Ashan-wa Aliogo said...

Love the shoes and the purse. Such a chic outfit

Lavender.R said...

The shirt dress looks gorgeous! Love this chic look<33

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Anna-Kaisa Jussila said...

Love it! The shoes..!

Glashen said...

I am love with this dress really i m this types of girl which like these types of clothes always..

thefashiongals said...

What a perfect outfit!!.. So elegant and chic!! I am in love with that shirt dress!!

Corporatewear said...

it is perfect outfit. it is stylish goat and seasonal goat also ...

Mun said...

Mules, they totally remind me of the 90s! I'm not sure whether i'll accept this trend but it's till great to look at those who could pull them off, you included :)

abigailalicex said...

Love the VB shirt dress!

Amanda said...

Those Zara' heels are just gorgoues!


Angelina Elhassan said...

Love this look! I would've never picked out those shoes yet I find myself really digging them!


Charlie said...

Gorgeous outfit! I'll be travelling to London next month so I'm glad to hear the Spring weather is already getting better!

Charlie x

cvetybaby said...

Nice Dress! In love <3


Sue Palmer said...

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mimmistiina said...

Aivan ihana asukokonaisuus. Tuli ikävä kesää, olisipa se jo täällä.


Love those shoes with this look!

Chris Bezemer said...

Nice Shirt dress and really coat shoes!!

XoXo Chris

Ria said...

I love this look, down to the accessories. So freckin good.

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Johnny said...

i love it;)

Kate Wilson said...

lovely outfit! x

Catherine Nikkal said...
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Margaret Król said...

Very nice!!! :)

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Beautiful shoes :-)

Von Salvado said...

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Roshni Singh said...
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